Lakewood Elementary School

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Lakewood School 
Mission Statement: 

The mission of Twin Lakes 
School District #4 is
to have all students learn 
skills which meet local,
state, and national standards. 
All students will be supported 
with collaborative and 
differentiated instruction, 
authentic assessment, 
and a consistent system 
of interventions.


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What are staff members saying about Lakewood School?

Rich Kojis - tech coordinator - I am impressed with Lakewood. I see decisions being made in technology that are driven by the curriculum and the needs of the students.

Sheryl Camacho - RTI Coordinator - There is a great partnership between Lakewood school and our families. There are always opportunities for families to participate in their child's education and both students and the school benefit from this active participation

Mrs. Debbie Moses - Middle Level Special Education - I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the patient and tolerant paraprofessionals that Lakewood School provides to the special education department. These individuals help give Lakewood students much individualized and specialized care.

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