Educational Philosophy
I support the Lakewood mission statement by providing a safe and nurturing environment, teaching my students skills that they can apply to their academic life and everyday life, teaching and promoting kindness, and making sure that every student has their own individual needs met.

Educational Philosophy:
I have observed and learned numerous beneficial concepts and ideas in and out of the classroom that helps me demonstrate concern, offers equitable opportunities for my students, and executes the best practices for every individual in the classroom. Teachers play many roles and obtain many responsibilities in their students’ lives. One of my overall goals in teaching is to be the teacher that my students remember years later in their lives. I aim to be the educator that changes my students’ lives for the better and inspires them to strive for their dreams and goals. Although I believe that there are many purposes of teaching, I hold a few purposes very near and dear to my heart. The three purposes of teaching that I find the most important are to change students’ fixed mindsets on a certain subject or task and to model growth mindsets, to make learning exciting and enjoyable for students, and to encourage students to do things they never imagined being capable to do.