Educational Philosophy
I support the Lakewood mission statement by teaching students skills through music that they will continue to use for their entire life. I will create a nurturing environment for students to learn and grow their passion for the arts.

Educational Philosophy: 

Teaching is a gift that not everyone is lucky to experience. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be educated and efficient in the art of teaching. It is my goal to provide a caring environment that is conducive to learning and allows students to explore their creativity. Band was a place I felt I truly belonged in school and it allowed me to explore my talents in a nurturing environment. All students need a place where they feel they belong to something bigger than anything they could do alone and music classes provide students that opportunity. During my past teaching experience at I learned how to run a successful music program. I have had the opportunity to organize multiple large events and trips as well as provide a well rounded education. It is my duty as a teacher to share my passion with students in hopes of providing them with the opportunity to establish a passion of their own. Knowing that I have helped students feel like they were important and special makes teaching the most rewarding profession I could imagine doing.