Lakewood is entering its third year of the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant; this year will be exciting as we build on the great start from the last two school years!

CAFE services will begin on October 3rd. The CAFE will deliver seven hours of academic enrichment experiences per week beyond homework support.  We expect to serve an average of 80 students per day.  The morning session will focus on individual student needs.  Each afternoon CAFE Project day begins with a nutritious snack, homework support, and recreation.  Staff will lead students through an array of recreational activities that emphasize movement, teamwork, communication, social skills, leadership, and physical development.  Following recreation, students will participate in two 35-minute classes.  Classes will incorporate various programming, which include but are not limited to: English/Language Arts, math, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), media literacy, current events, and the arts.

The CAFE Project will run two bus routes every program day to ensure all students have access to the after-school program.  However, space is limited in the CAFE Project.  Bus services are not provided to the morning session and are not provided to students outside of Lakewood's district.