Frequently Asked Questions

Does the student have to attend every day?
Yes and no.  While daily attendance is strongly encouraged, we understand that your family’s personal schedule takes precedence.  For example, if a student cannot make it on Tuesdays because of dance class but can make it Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday… that is completely acceptable.

Can the student participate in athletics or other after-school clubs?
Absolutely!  This program is not designed to exclude students from other opportunities; it’s only hope is to create a more hands-on, engaging learning environment for students.  Students would attend their club or practice and then return to the CAFE for the evening, or students could remain out of the CAFE until their season is over and then return.

Does my child have to attend both the morning and afternoon sessions?
Participation in both sessions is not required but is certainly encouraged. The morning session focuses primarily on independent work, whereas the afternoon session provides much more collaborative opportunities.

Participation is not required for your son or daughter to be included in the CAFE but is certainly encouraged!